Refund & Return Policy

I. Defective Orders:We will provide a full refund/replacement if:

  1. Orders arrived damaged.
  2. Order arrived damaged but the customer doesn’t want the replacement to be sent.
  3. For electronic products, drop shipper should open the dispute within 7 days of receipt.
  4. Show photos of the damaged item to your Flashleopard Support.
  5. Screenshot of the e-mail or dispute received.

II. Incorrect Items: We will check all of the items before shipping them out, but sometimes packages can get damaged along the way, or imperfections such as bad sewing, incorrect size/color, not working etc. We will send a full refund or resend the order if you offer proof:

  1. Photos of the defective items received by the buyer.
  2. Screenshot of the e-mail or dispute received.

III. Delayed Orders:We will partially refund or resend if orders Not found, In transit, Pending, Expired with more than 45days (counting from the date you send the payment) for the USA and 60 days (except some countries that used China Post Registered Air Mail) for rest of the world. We need:

  1. A customer has sent complain (through PayPal Dispute or other Gateway, e-mail, etc.)
  2. You have checked the tracking number and it doesn’t show any movement or information.
  3. Sometimes, the order had arrived at the nearest office to the buyer and made it a pending delivery because of an incorrect or unclear address. You will need to ask your buyer to go to the post office for delivery.
  4. Screenshot of customer complaints or e-mail stating they haven’t received the order.

IV. Delivery Country Limits:Because of the limit of international shipping, some countries are pretty hard to deliver to.

The countries that we have found difficult to deliver to include the following: Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar, Mauritius, Bangladesh, Nepal, Nicaragua, Swaziland, Jamaica, Zambia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Angola, Bahamas, Benin, Belize City, Burundi, Dominican Republic, Gambia, Grenada, Cuba, Palestine, Mexico, Brazil, Paraguay, etc.

We suggest that drop shippers don’t make these countries as their main markets, unless they are willing to use more efficient shipping methods.

V. Shipping Method Limits: Some shipping methods will be untraceable when orders arrive in some countries, states, cities. When you choose those shipping methods, we won’t accept any disputes. We will tell you before using any new shipping methods.

As for Volume Exceed Product (product’s dimension are greater than its weight, so the shipping company will have to charge the shipping based on volume instead of weight.), we will have to charge you by the volume for shipping cost once we find it or split the order into two parcels.

If we offer the right items and your customers received it safe and sound, we will not accept any disputes for reasons listed below:

  1. Buyer doesn’t not like it.
  2. The description is not accurate.
  3. Products smell unusual.
  4. The buyer ordered wrong items or SKU.
  5. The shipping address provided incorrectly.

Product Return Policy:

You can ask your buyer to return the item to our China warehouse, but they will bear the shipping fee and have to send it back by a tracked shipping method so that we can check if we received it or not. As for the returned items, they will be your private stock. If your accept that, please contact your personal Flashleopard Support for our warehouse address.


Because we want to establish a long term business relationship with all of you, please contact us before you make any decision, no matter whether you want a refund or resend. We will try our best to meet your requests. Thank you!